glee club

Tuesday : 12.30 - 2.00pm

Thursday 8.00 - 10.00pm


Everyone is welcome to come along for a bit of fun & a song. You don't have to be a great singer to enjoy Gobstoppers Glee Club.

As part of the success of Gobstoppers, we run an adult singing group, to encourage frightened wannabe singers to come along, learn songs, harmony and perform for charities. In only 8 years, we have over 50 members, performed over 25 concerts, sang on BBC Three Counties radio and raised over £45,000 for charities.

We also sing and support age UK Dacorum, by singing at homes for the elderly and for those suffering with dementia. The group has lots of fun rehearsing and is a great social outlet for grown-ups.


Hertfordshire friends: this singing group has become a huge part of my life. There are no auditions. Nobody is turned away. It’s a lovely, supportive group of people, with a very enabling vibe. I am very proud and happy to call them my friends. We’re just about to start practising for a Beatles concert. It will involve learning difficult harmonies and parts. It will involve a ridiculous amount of laughter. It will involve cake and wine. And, when it all comes together, it will involve a life-affirming, joyous endorphin rush and a palpable, cathartic sense of achievement that you’ll remember for ever. If any of you fancy any of that?  I know you’ll love it.



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Recruiting for GCSE Drama & A Level Theatre Studies

Gobstoppers is a registered centre for GCSE & A Level. You can take your drama exams outside school, with great students, qualified staff and a year earlier than schools. Spaces available for September 2019

A Message From Molly - A Level Drama 

I wanted all of you to know that Gobstoppers has changed my life. When my school told me I wasn't good enough to take Drama I was devastated. I talked to a friend about her A-Level and she told me about Gobstoppers. I cannot express my love and thanks to her. Since then I have looked forward to each and every drama lesson and rehearsal even when times were hard. I have met some fantastic people on the way.
Many of you will have met me for the first time on the Cornwall tour, which I can say was the happiest few days of my life. We were the dream team and I cannot explain how much I treasure that time .
So, what I am unsuccessfully trying to say is that thanks to Chris Williams and his excellent wife Vicky, I am happier than I have ever been and that I am heading to the University of East Anglia to study English and Drama, thanks to the most excellent and wonderful Gobstoppers. I cannot thank you enough. I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for Gobstoppers. Maybe one day I can come back (rich and famous) and become a True Gobstopper.
Thank you, I love you all with all my heart.
Molly xxx

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