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GCSE & A Level Drama

If you wish to take a qualification in drama out of school, you can with us!

Enrolling now for GCSE & A Level Drama September 2024.

If you wish to take GCSE Drama out of school, the benefits that you will receive will be great.

  • Firstly you will be working with other students from other schools who are talented and enthusiastic, which is not always the case if you chose to take drama within your own school.

  • The environment for learning is relaxed and friendly so that all students are able to reach their full potential.

  • Chris and Victoria are both on hand to teach you and with their Head of drama department experience in schools you will be receiving the best teaching available.

  • Take the subject a year early. You can start GCSE drama in year 9 and complete the exam in year 10 & A Level Drama can be started in year 11, so you can complete a qualification a year earlier than at school.

  • In previous years groups have performed at the Royal Shakespeare Company.​

  • Classes run in our own, fully equipped drama studio.


We follow the EDUQAS board for both GCSE & A Level Drama

Contact us for details

Please get in touch for further details and to book onto our education courses.

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