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Glee Club

Glee Club have expanded and now offer two classes each week, rehearsing every Tuesday (12.00pm - 1.30pm) and Thursdays between 8-10pm at Gable Hall in Berkhamsted. 

Since it’s humble beginnings back in 2011, Gobstoppers Glee Club, run by Chris & Victoria Williams have now sung and raised well in excess of £55,000 for mainly local and often very personal Charities to some of our members.


One of our current Glee members, Mick Dennis, published author of Tales of the City (a collection of stories about Norwich City Football Club), and former newspaper and broadcast sports journalist, sums up WHY Glee Club is such an amazing group to be a part of.

“...My belief that Glee is a special thing is stronger than ever. Singing with others is known to lower stress, relieve anxiety and elevate endorphins. It improves cognition by increasing blood flow to specific areas of the brain. Members of choirs begin to synchronise their heartbeats, because they are synchronising their breathing in order to sing the same notes in (more or less) the same order. There are other benefits: I’ve understood for a long time that being in a chanting football crowd, sharing an irrational amount of emotion, is a great catharsis and generates a tribal sense of belonging which speaks to some ancient human need. Thanks to Glee, I’ve reminded myself that singing in a group can answer the same primeval urge. But that much would happen with any old choir. Glee is so much more. Chris Williams and Victoria’s ethos – no auditions, nobody turned away, but lets do this as well as we can in the time we have – is so powerfully enabling. And by some alchemy, a disparate group of folk, with very different lives away from Gable Hall, come together, help those who need help, form friendships, tote chairs through the ice, organise raffles, get banners made and ...sing; they sing with a focussed gusto in a liberating, enervating joint enterprise that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. I love it. Thank You Gleebies."

Contact us for details

Please get in touch for further details and to book onto our Glee Club.

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We also sing and support age UK Dacorum, by singing at homes for the elderly and for those suffering with dementia. The group has lots of fun rehearsing and is a great social outlet for grown-ups.

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